Our staff is required to maintain a record of all referrals, residents and assistance provided through our programs which is entered daily into the state Homeless Management Information System database. The client files include the reason for stay, medical and criminal history, age, race, religion, special needs, required counseling and government programs, weekly interviews and progress reports, reason for leave and destination. A shelter report, containing these statistics, is presented to the board and reviewed at regular monthly meetings.

Success is defined when a client leaves our shelter to a permanent respectable residence with the ability, knowledge and the will to become a loving and caring parent and a productive self-sufficient member of our community. The staff and board of directors are responsible for evaluating the success of our programs and ministry through regular reviews, reports and interviews with our clients.

The Gabriel Project Community Outreach Program reaches out to pregnant minors, expectant mothers facing a crisis pregnancy, single mothers, and families to improve support and assistance. There are numerous clients who receive clothing, food, referrals, counseling, medical, tuition and other assistance besides shelter. Hope House can be considered 100% successful when our clients and their children are off the streets escaping homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction and are receiving assistance, education, counseling and eventually permanent housing, reconciliation with family or when a childless mother and father holds their adoptive baby for the first time. There are many success stories of clients who turned their lives around and became loving parents and productive members of our community because of Hope House.